GT Blues

GT Blues

The Blues project had one goal: to maximize comfort while losing as little control as possible. We looked for the chemical composition giving the player the most comfort while playing yet providing the control of harder types of strings. We called this string "Blues" simply because playing with it seems so relaxing...

...As listening to blues music.

GT blues
  • Recommended for advanced and intermediate club players.

  • Designed in co-operation with a leading European laboratory.

  • Result of an innovative approach to the production process of polyester tennis strings.

  • A perfect combination of control and comfort achieved by using the world's most innovative technologies, allowing for polyester structural bonds.

  • 1000+ hours of tests.

  • Tested by pro and club players.

  • Flexcrite Technology

    -the tension structure was changed, ensuring an adequate degree of plasticity.

  • Colour: BLACK

  • Gauge: 1,25 mm




Cross Section