Our philosophy

GT is a boutique European brand with a narrow specialization in tennis strings. The brand's philosophy is to focus on quality - all the strings are manufactured in the European Union and are subject to strict quality control procedures. GT team has been founded and is managed by engineers, industry experts, who have been advising clients on strings and racquet stringing for over 20 years, including official stringers for Davis Cup teams and members of editorial board of professional magazine on racquet stringing.

Customer centricity is at the very core of GT business - the aim of GT team is to develop perfect strings per target groups, understood as players' personas. Each sting type is tested for over 1000 hours by players and coaches from different countries. The survey results are used in the product development process and used to determine which strings are introduced in the market.

The brand chose not to sponsor top ATP/WTA tennis professionals, but invest in research and product development instead. This way GT strings can be offered at relatively low prices and an outstanding cost/quality ratio.

The GT strings identity is in soft and flexible monofilament strings, which are easy to string (hence "The Stringers' Choice" slogan) and fun to play with. What is unique about the GT strings is that the brand, in cooperation with leading chemical experts, managed to come up with the chemical formulas that allow for combining comfort with control. The result is Flexcrite technology - an unprecedented combination of flexibility (touch) and control demanded by advanced club players.

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