GT Rock

GT rock

The goal of the GT Rock project was to come up with a top-quality string for advanced club players, who need extra power on their shots and high comfort of play, while maintaining good control. And we found it. The Rock string is a result of hundreds of tests of different chemical compositions. We called it the ROCK, as this string simply rocks! Try it out and...

...You will not return to your old strings.

GT rock
  • Recommended for advanced club players and semi-pros.

  • Designed in co-operation with a leading European laboratory.

  • Result of an innovative approch to the production process of polyester tennis strings.

  • A perfect combination of comfort and power achieved by using the worlds's most innovative technologies, allowing for polyester structural bonds.

  • 1000+ hours of tests

  • Tested by pro and club players

  • Flexcrite Technology

    -the tension structure was changed, ensuring an adequate degree of plasticity.

  • Colour: BLACK

  • Gauge: 1,25 mm




Cross Section