GT Pop

GT pop

The goal of GT Pop project was to come up with one string suitable for most intermediate club players. After successfully introducing to the market the GT Swing- our Black Prestige Series top strings for pro and advanced club players, we decided to apply the same philosophy to produce the most universal string for recreational players- focusing on maintaining control but at the same time keeping it soft enough to minimize the impact on their arms. The result is the GT Pop. As easy to play with as POP music is to listen to. Combines all the all-arounder features, with equal emphasis on control, power and durability.

The GT Pop. Simply for all.

GT Pop
  • The most universal tennis string on the market

  • Recommended for intermediate club players.

  • Designed in co-operation with a leading European laboratory.

  • Result of an innovative approach to the production process of polyester tennis strings.

  • A perfect combination of control, comfort and speed achieved by using the world's most innovative technologies, allowing for polyester structural bonds.

  • 1000+ hours of tests

  • Tested by pro and club players

  • Colour: WHITE

  • Gauge: 1,25 mm




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