GT Jazz

GT Jazz

The Silver Bullet Series first model is the Jazz. The string was developed over a period of time, in co-operation with a leading European laboratory and tested by pro players. We wanted to make sure it has all features that the pro player need, with an emphasis on surgical precision. The result is one of most technologically advanced, the newest generation, soft polyester string on market, with great performance comfirmed in a series of blind tests. If you are on the pro track - this is your choice. We called it the Jazz, because its composition allows for any improvisation on the court you might need.

The Jazz. Sophisticated perfection.

GT Jazz
  • Recommended for pro and semipro players.

  • Designed in co-operation with a leading European laboratory.

  • Result of an innovative approach to the production process of polyester tennis strings.

  • A perfect combination of control and durability achieved by using the world's most innovative technologies, allowing for polyester structural bonds.

  • 1000+ hours of tests.

  • Tested by pro and club players.

  • Flexcrite Technology

    -the tension structure was changed, ensuring an adequate degree of plasticity.

  • Colour: SILVER

  • Gauge: 1,25 mm




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